World Meditation Day and Spiritual Judo

This message is being sent to you a day early because tomorrow, May 21st is World Meditation Day. The Daily Word message for tomorrow is: "I Embrace a Life of Grace."  World Meditation Day is a Day of thoughtful contemplation about "Living the Surrendered Life," (as Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center has established as the core intention or purpose of this renowned spiritual community). 

On World Meditation Day, I suggest that you begin your day with reading the Daily Word or some other passage from a spiritual book that "speaks to your soul."  You can choose to sit in the Silence for 15 to 30 minutes, or if it is easier for your schedule, take several five to ten minute breaks during the day to focus on your own Inner Peace; how you can best express your Divine Self; feel connected to the Universal Life Force; tune in to Divine Wisdom for guidance in any area of your life.  World Meditation Day is an opportunity to feel connected with all human beings, with all forms of life on our planet.

This Sunday, May 24th, the Lesson by Rev. Jeri Linn is the first of a two-part series called: "Spiritual Judo."  Spiritual Judo is a phrase I learned many years ago from a Meditation teacher at Unity Village, the beloved Rev. Martha Guidici.  Martha and her husband, Frank, were instructors in the Unity School of Christianity Ministerial School.  Frank Guidici taught the Old Testament History and Metaphysical Bible Interpretation. Martha's favorite course to present to ministerial student and to Unity Village Retreats was called: "The World of Meditation."  I had already been practicing daily meditation since the age of 18; but, I really enjoyed the wealth of research that Martha presented in the many world pathways to meditation.  As we all have read and have heard in lectures or spiritual retreats: "There are many paths that lead to the top of the mountain; choose your own path and bless your brothers and sisters on their path."

The Sunday Lesson title is "Spiritual Judo," and it will be an introduction to the spiritual path of Non-Resistance as taught by our Elder Brother, Jesus Christ.  Many people think of the great soul, Mahatma Gandhi as the one who originated the practice of Non-Resistance; but, it actually is an ancient practice that demonstrates changes in evolution of soul growth through peaceful means... and as Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith describes as "Living the Surrendered Life."

Providing our excellent music this Sunday is Susan Edwards Martin.  She will also be our Guest Music Director on the last Sunday in May (May 31st).  We are blessed with her talent and loving consciousness.  Our devoted volunteer on the Sound Board is Marshall Hall and preparing the coffee and refreshments for the Hospitality time after the service are: Janet Bailey, Patti and Rick Halliday.

Unity Church of the Valley continues to practice social distancing, wearing face masks, washing hands, applying hand sanitizer and doing all that we can to ensure the safety of our very small group on Sundays (3 to 6 people).  We are all looking forward to the divine order time when our attendance can increase and in faith, we know that day will come.

Surround Yourself with the White Light of the Christ and Be at Peace,

Loving Blessings,

Rev. Jeri Linn