Welcoming Daily Word Readers!

Daily Word is published by Unity. With heaquarters located in the Midwest and serving a worldwide audience, Unity is a positive path for spiritual living that provides practical teachings to help people discover and live their spiritual purpose and potential. Unity encompasses the belief that prayer works, and strives to help people realize a stronger connection to God every day. Daily Word offers inspiration and practical teachings through daily prayer messages to help people of all faiths live healthy, prosperous and meaningful lives.

Daily Word officially launched in 1924 and included daily messages of hope, spiritual poetry and feature articles—primarily written by its editor, Frank B. Whitney. Daily Word began with a subscription list of 16,000 people, but within a year, the list had grown to 43,000. Today, Daily Word is read in 150 countries and translated into six languages. In its nearly 90 years of continual publication, it has been read by tens of millions of people throughout the world.

Unity Church of the Valley is the local in-person meeting place to share the Unity principles that are printed in the pages of Daily Word.  We welcome all those who are finding us through this connection to Spirit! 


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