The Valley Light Newsletter - Sept - Oct 2020

The Valley Light Newsletter
September - October 2020
Minister’s Message
“Moving from Fear to Faith”
 One of the founding spiritual principles taught by our co-founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore is: “You cannot hold two thoughts in your mind at the same time. You must choose your thoughts, wisely.”
This year, the Silent Unity World Day of Prayer theme is: “Moving from Fear to Faith!”  The state of “fear/anxiety” is driven by negative and panicked emotions.  Your emotions do not control you….Take charge of your thoughts and feelings.  You are a spiritual being.  You have the Christ awareness within your mind and heart.  You have the power to take charge of fearful, panicked emotions and establish divine order and your authority, through Christ in You to command peace, order, harmony, love and success.
Be secure in the Truth that “Through Christ in Me, I Stand Firm in Faith! I have Faith in the One Power and One Presence and know that All is Well in my World!”
Bonnie Bishop   9/20
Joan Nellis        9/29                       
Marshall Hall   10/26
September 2020
Guidance: “In the silence of prayer, I hear a whisper of truth.”
Healing: “God is the breath of life, the vitality in my body and being.”                             
Prosperity: “I am rich in divine ideas, wealthy in divine abundance.”
Peace: “My mind quiets in the presence of divine peace.”  
October 2020
Guidance: “Divine love’s healing and harmonizing power flows within me and from me.”  
Healing: “Life is a divine healing stream within my body, mind and being.”
Prosperity: “I am in concert with divine order, trusting my way into all that comes next.”               
Peace: “Let no thoughts disturb me, for God is peace in my mind.”
Prayer Requests:
We give thanks for Answered Prayer! Unity Church of the Valley Prayer Ministry: Nancy Buhl, Director (Marina Del Rey, CA: 1-310-578-6193) or call Rev. Jeri Linn at the church, 818-249-4396.  
September - October 2020 Events:
Due to the CDC re: the current conditions of the COVD-19 Virus guidelines and the “Shelter at Home” restrictions in California by our Gov. Gavin Newsom and our Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, it is mandatory that everyone wear face masks; plastic gloves, recommended, using hand sanitizer. Latest recommendation is to sit apart, wear masks, do not hold hands, even when praying or singing. 
Silent Unity World Day of Prayer and Spiritual Support class: Thursday, September 10, 2020:  These two events will begin at 11:00 a.m. in the Child’s Classroom (east end of Chaffee Hall).  We will begin with the World Day of Prayer service.  The theme is: “From Fear to Faith!”
The 2nd part of our time together will be an introduction to: Spiritual Economics, by Rev. Eric Butterworth.  Your love offering covers both the Prayer Service and the class.  Spiritual Economics class will meet on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. through September and part of October.  Facilitator: Rev. Jeri Linn.  You can find your copy of Spiritual Economics at the Flintridge-La Canada Bookstore, a copy in your local library or go to:
September Birthday Sunday: September 6th: Patti Halliday will provide the Birthday cake; cupcakes or something delicious!
Thank you for everyone who contributes each Sunday to our Hospitality table.  We appreciate the delicious chicken salad from Marshall Hall and the healthy kale/cashew salad from Janet Bailey, cookies and other side dishes that “magically” appear each Sunday!
October Birthday Sunday: October 4th: Any volunteers to bring the Birthday cake or cupcakes (pie, cookies)?
  July 2020 PROSPERITY REPORTS have been sent to the members.  Info available by contacting Rev. Jeri Linn. 
Thank you, God for the Divine Abundance that continually flows in our congregation of Unity Church of the Valley! We boldly claim that “God Gives the Increase!” We give thanks that our congregation increases in love, service, health, prosperity and attendance!
 CHURCH WEB SITE: New Visitors are finding us on our Web Site! Malayna Dawn is our webmaster. Remember that our church e-mail address is:  
Please recommend our new church home at the Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) for Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Infant Christenings and Celebration of Life services. (Office phone: 818-249-4396)
Our Sunday service is at 11:30 a.m., with refreshments in Chaffee Hall after the service.
Please Note: Our beloved church member, Joan Nellis has been transferred to a mental care unit at Oakmont at Fair Oaks, Room 110; 8484 Madison Ave; Fair Oaks, CA 95628 if you would like to send a Happy Birthday card to her (Her birthday is Sept. 29th). Joan is experiencing anxiety/depression and memory loss. Bright, cheerful birthday cards would mean so much to her.
“You are moving away from fear, moving into faith!”
Loving You and Loving Life,
Rev Jeri Linn