Starting Over - Part 2

So many things are on my mind as this New Year of 2021 begins to unfold.  I imagine that you feel the same way.  I was working in the church office when the riots in Washington, D.C. happened ... but, the evening news coverage was enough for me to go into prayer and claim Peace, Divine Order and Divine Right Action for our beautiful country.  
Viewing these events, metaphysically, emphasizes the spiritual principle of "Chemicalization."  The best way to illustrate this process is that a chemical, such as a plumbing agent, is poured on a clogged drain, there is an agitating effect that does its work and clears the clogged pipes. Individuals go through this process, family groups, corporations and ... apparently, our Country is now going through the process.
I first learned about Chemicalization from Dr. Rev. Catherine Ponder's prosperity books and from Lessons In Truth by Dr. H. Emily Cady (Unity's main text book on Truth teachings).  It is rough when there is a "clash/conflict" in your life.  But "When the dust settles, the new picture is so much better than what you had previously experienced in your life." (Dr. Ponder). The spiritual Chemicalization usually starts when you take up the New Thought ideas of Affirmations of Healing, Guidance, Peace, Love, Wisdom and Prosperity.  Truth Ideas begin to clash with old, false, limiting and negative ideas.  You literally become a new creature in Christ.  Your thoughts, beliefs and actions begin to express harmony and order.  Your health improves, your relationships go through a change for the better and you begin to trust the Inner Voice of Wisdom (Intuition) more than you did in your prior mind set.  
Well, Chemicalization might seem like your world is turned upside down for a time; but, it usually doesn't last long.  I speak from personal experience!  I used to think that "Ok, one Chemicalization experience is enough!  Thank God, I don't have to go through that one, again!"  Ha! Ha! Ha!  Not so.  For, you see, Chemicalization helps us release that which is no longer for our Highest Good.  It is an adjusting and refining process, and it can be experienced at various points of growth and maturity.
While listening to one of the ABC News Guest Political Commentators last night speaking about the "assault on the Capital Building," more than one Commentator stated that what had been the intention of the rioters to disrupt and destroy to the point of being an assault on Democracy, looks like both the Democratic and the Republican Parties are coming together in unity and support.  Interesting, that we are actually witnessing the power of Spirit to bring about a great healing.  Where there was once division and animosity, we will see a united determination for clarity, cooperation, peace ... and yes, Love.
To quote Emmet Fox: "There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer."
Under Divine Guidance, the January Lessons will be in the theme: "Behold, I Make All Things, New!"  Whew, we really are in tune in our United States of America with the need to "... Make All Things, New!"  Our Sunday Lesson on January 10th at 11:30 a.m. is: "Starting Over, Pt. 2"  Our wonderful Guest Music Director is Ann Louise Christensen.  Our Sound Board Volunteer is Marshall Hall and our Hospitality Team of Patti Halliday, Rick Halliday and Janet Bailey.  So, come and share the love with us as we venture into the healing and refining process of Chemicalization in the New Year of 2021!
Loving Blessings,
Rev. Jeri Linn

Image by moonzigg from Pixabay