Spiritual Imagination

This message is being sent a day earlier than our normal routine, to encourage anyone who has the time in their schedule to join our Thursday morning class at 11:00 a.m. We meet in the Child's Classroom, East end of Chaffee Hall.  Our class on Thursday is discussing Chapter 6 in our book: Adventures in Resilience ... Ignite the 12 Powers in You to Create a Radiant Life (Author: Unity Minister, Rev. Sharon Connors).  Chapter 6 is on "Understanding: Know Beyond What You See."  NOTE:  We have two (2) copies of the book for sale: $15.95 each.  Please make your checks payable to Unity Church of the Valley. 
We are studying The 12 Powers of Man in both our Thursday class and also with our Sunday services.  These studies will continue through the month of June.  Our theme for the month of June is "Spiritual Tools." This Sunday, 5 30 2021, our Lesson is on "Spiritual Imagination."  The Disciple for Imagination is Bartholomew; the body location is between the eyes.  The color for this faculty is a Light Sky Blue.  Supporting our service with his considerable talent is Hugh James.  Hugh is filling in for Marc Bosserman and we are grateful to have him join our music team as a Guest Music Director whenever it works out in the schedule.  Blessings to Marc Bosserman as he will play for an elegant Baby Shower earlier on Sunday morning and then, juggle off to play at another gig!  That is the life of a busy musician and producer!
Re: The Faculty of Imagination: Its' Purpose is to Release Limiting Thoughts and Imagine Something Greater for ourselves and for others.  In Unity there is a saying: "To Set It Right, See It Right!"  In order to change conditions in our mind, body and affairs, we must first transform the pictures we are holding in mind.  For example, I enjoy watching a good movie and I am so grateful that many of the movie theaters in our greater L.A., CA area are beginning to open up.  They are, of course, following CDC Guidelines to insure the public's safety.  So, pretend that you can watch a large "movie screen" in your mind.  You can see bright colors, clearly; follow an entertaining mental script and follow your inner movie to a happy, healthy and wholesome ending.  Your spiritual faculty of Imagination helps you to create improved conditions in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.
Remember this: "In order to change conditions in our mind, body and affairs, we must first transform the pictures we are holding in mind.  If we don't like the conditions we are attracting, we can change them by building new images with the eye of the mind, our faculty of Imagination." Unity Author: Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann.  Yes, Imagination Brings Possibilities to Life!
The Best of Blessings to You, Today and Always,
Rev. Jeri Linn
Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay