The Purpose of Spiritual Gratitude

I Am Grateful for each one of you!  In one way or another, you each have added to my life and brought special gifts of your wisdom, your strength, your humor and your love.
To quote Charles Fillmore in The Revealing Word on Gratitude: "Gratitude and thanksgiving are both necessary in demonstrating prosperity through divine law.  Be grateful to God and thankful to the friends whom He uses to supply you.  All metaphysicians have found by experience that being thankful for what they have increases the inflow.  Gratitude is a great mind magnet, and when it is expressed from the spiritual standpoint, it is powerfully augmented.  The saying of grace at the table has its origin in this idea of the power of increase through giving thanks."
This Sunday, we will explore the subject of "I Am Grateful - The Purpose of Spiritual Gratitude" in our Meditation and Lesson.  For example, in my favorite Workshop presentation on 
T.A. B. (Totally Accepting the Belief) after participants have crossed off their Elimination List column all blocks or limiting beliefs, one by one on their Spiritual Beliefs column they end up with a series of beautiful Affirmations.  The last Affirmation that seals all the transformative energy is: "I Am Grateful."  Participants are giving thanks in advance for all the good that they desire ...even before seeing physical evidence that their prayers have been answered in their lives.
Saying "Thank you, God, I AM Grateful" is an act of Faith.
Our Sunday service this week is supported by the beautiful Ann Louise Christensen (Escarrega) as our Guest Music Director.  Her business is Christensen Music. You can find out more about Ann Louise on her web site:  She offers a Piano Bar class for budding singers who enjoy a casual group setting; private piano lessons; she is available to perform at weddings and other special events.  Whenever she and her husband Geno and back up musicians perform at Chevy Chase Country Club in Glendale, CA, a group of two (or more) cars meet in our church parking lot and car pool it to Chevy Chase for a fabulous night of music, dinning and fun.  When they are scheduled to perform at Chevy Chase Country Club, I will announce it!
God bless our Sound Board Technician and member of our congregation, Marshall Hall.  His dear wife, Marlene Hall, recently made her transition and now Marshall is making adjustments to his life.  He is currently thinking of clearing out all of his Ham Radio equipment and even considering relocating from La Crescenta, CA to the lovely mountain community of Ojai, CA.  We hope he will still be living here to celebrate his 90th Birthday in October.  Whatever Marshall decides to do, we know that "The Spirit of the Lord goes before him, making easy and Successful his way."
We are grateful for our Kitchen Angels who make the coffee and set out the donated salads, fruit, side dishes and desserts for our Hospitality in Chaffee Hall each Sunday: Rick and Patti Halliday and Janet Bailey.
Study Class Reminder:  Our current class on the book: Adventures in Resilience ...Ignite the 12 Powers in You to Create A Radiant Life by Rev. Sharon Connors,Order Adventures in Resilience by Rev. Sharon Connors meets on Thursday mornings at 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Noon in the Child's Classroom at the east end of Chaffee Hall, Love Offering: Facilitator, Rev. Jeri Linn
Be a True Channel of Spirit and Express your Love and Gratitude to Others, Today!
Rev. Jeri Linn
Image by John Hain from Pixabay