Prayers for Guidance

Thank you to all who attended last week's Celebration of Life service for Marlene Goodale Hall, beloved wife of Marshall Hall.  We are grateful to have shared Unity's perspective on Eternal Life and release Marlene to the next step in her soul's journey.  One of my favorite blessings that I used is from Silent Unity: "Life is Eternal and Love Never Loses Its Own."  We appreciated our three (3) guest speakers near the end of the service: Rev. Dr. Beverly Craig, Sandra Stark Shields, RScP and Marshall Hall.  Thank you to everyone who signed the Memory Book and added sweet, personal messages.  It will be a gift to read over and over in the coming days and years ahead as he makes his personal adjustment to life on his own.
This coming Sunday is August 1st!  I know!  July just flew by and August will, also.  It is a month with five (5) Sundays!  Hugh James has been our "5th Sunday Guest Music Director;" however, his back to work with Disney (his main job as a performer, pre-pandemic era) and was not available on August 8th.  It is good news and a blessing for Hugh; but, I felt a bit disappointed because he is such an experienced performer and writes much of his own music.  Anyway, that is how life goes: we must continually learn to embrace the new and also, at the right time, learn to release a relationship or a life experience.  Perhaps, Hugh's schedule from Disney will have an open Sunday for us in the future.  He is always welcome here at Unity Church of the Valley!
During the month of August, all of our Sunday Lessons are inspired by the Silent Unity Booklet, "The Power of Prayer."  First topic is: Prayers for Guidance. When any change appears in our life, our human personality feels confused and sometimes, overwhelmed with making a decision.  "What should I do?  How will my decision affect my life?  How will my decision affect others (elderly people in my family; children, grand children and step children or adopted children?)
One of my favorite books by noted author, Wayne Dyer is: There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.  You can find this excellent self-help book in bookstores and at  I have presented key concepts in a Sunday morning Lesson series and in mid-week classes a few years ago at our former church home.  
In our Thursday morning class on Adventures in Resilience ...Ignite the 12 Powers in You to Create a Radiant Life by Rev. Sharon Connors, we discussed the chapter of "Will: Divinely Guided Choices." Will is one of our 12 Powers of Mind and the Disciple Matthew represents Will.  The color associated with this faculty is Silver.  The body location is in the front forehead.  To activate this spiritual faculty, realize that it is your Executive Power of Mind.  A sample Affirmation would be: "I am willing to do the Will of God," or: "My willingness for God's Will generates Miracles!" or "Everyday, in every way, I seek God's Will and Follow Divine Guidance."  God's Will is Always for Your Highest Good ... even an Increase of your Good!
Our Guest Music Director this Sunday is Marc Bosserman!  Hooray!  We haven't seen Marc in a while because of his busy schedule as a performer and a producer.  It will be a great Sunday service!  This Sunday is also August Birthday Sunday!  We will honor Bruce Anderson, Rick Halliday and Susan Edwards Martin.  I also have two great-nieces with August Birthdays!!
Overflowing Blessings of Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Rev. Jeri Linn
Image by PDPics from Pixabay