Prayer moves us from Fear to Faith

We begin with prayers of protection and divine restoration for all areas of California affected by the current wildfires.  God bless our courageous wild fire fighters!  They are exceptional heroes! "The Light of God Surrounds all of us; the Love of God Enfolds all of us; the Power of God Protects all of us and the Presence of God watches over us and Wherever we are, God is and all is well!"
Please add to your personal prayer lists: Jeff Anderson (Bruce and Theresa Anderson's son) who has just been sent with a crew to help contain the El Dorado fire, near Yucaipa, CA.  There is a small Unity Church in Yucaipa and their minister, Rev. Deanna Joseph, is requesting prayers for their community (she is also a Facebook friend of mine); prayers for healing and strength for Bryan Miller (he had another crisis at home and his husband, Gilmore, called 911 ... they transported him to Eisenhower Hospital in Palm Desert.  He is receiving good care and we expect him to be discharged, soon.  He is a courageous warrior in the long journey of cancer treatments.  He credits his oncologist and the whole treatment team with the City of Hope Hospital that he has made it "through his own, personal fire."  As you remember, Bryan and Gilmore often played for our church on Sundays before they moved to Palm Desert.  They are part of our Unity Family!
Good news reported by Marshall Hall: He was recently permitted to speak with his wife, Marlene, at the gate of the Foothill Retirement and Care Home in La Crescenta.  The gate was still padlocked; but, a nurse seated Marlene in a chair on one side of the gate and Marshall sat on the other side.  They spoke for almost an hour!  This is his first physical visit with Marlene in six (6) months!  Thank you, God and we continue to pray that the restrictions of all hospitals and care centers will be lifted so that loved ones can visit with each other, again.
Our Lesson this Sunday is based on the Parable of the Talents found in Mathew 18;23-35.  Think of this parable as meaning so much more than increasing your finances; but, rather as speaking to your divine potential!  Our theme for the September Lessons is: "Moving from Fear to Faith!"  This is the theme for the 2020 Silent Unity World Day of Prayer.  From the very beginnings of Unity Church of the Valley, our ministry has enjoyed close association with the Silent Unity Prayer Ministry at Unity Village, Missouri ( Call: 1-816-969-2000 or toll free: 1-800-669-7729 for prayer support, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  Keep the loving thought in your heart: "Someone is always in prayer at Silent Unity."
Our Guest Music Director this Sunday is the beautiful Ann-Louise Christensen Escarrega!  I can promise that you will feel so inspired and blessed by her music!  We are also blessed by our faithful Sound Board Volunteer, Marshall Hall.  Patti and Rick Halliday will help set up our coffee and refreshments in Chaffee Hall so we can enjoy a time of fellowship after the service.  If the temperature isn't too hot, Janet Bailey will also help with the refreshments.  
As our beloved Denise Kenney used to say: "We may be small, but, we are mighty!"
Be safe and hold love and peace in your heart!
Rev. Jeri Linn
The full image of The Prayer for Protection is available for free download at Unity