This, or Something Better!

Mother Nature seems to be ignoring the fact that the 80 degrees this afternoon does not constitute Fall Weather!  Ha! Ha! Ha!  My favorite weather man on channel 7 (ABC News), Dallas Rains reports that Santa Anna Winds will happen within a few days, warmer temperatures and then some possible rainfall.  It is an adventure living in Southern California!
After a few days in the hospital, our Sound Board volunteer, Marshall Hall, hopefully will be back in church this Sunday.  He had a strong case of the flu and is recovering.  After receiving a flu shot while in the hospital, and getting back on solid food, he should be his normal, healthy self by Sunday.  I hope he didn't party too much at his 90th Birthday Party at his favorite restaurant in La Canada, CA!  Let's enfold Marshall in Healing Prayers for a complete recovery.
Our musical support for Sunday's service will be a double-treat with Ann Louise Christensen and Geno Escarrega this week (they are known as Christensen Music!).  Ann Louise told me that they have just been hired by the Montrose Shopping District to start playing on Saturdays on Honolulu Ave, just after Thanksgiving!  Hoo Ray!!  Let's continue to bless Christensen Music for an increase in musical opportunities and blessings in future developments in publishing and distributing their music!
Our 67th Anniversary as Unity Church of the Valley is actually on Monday, November 15th, so we are going to celebrate this event on Sunday, Nov. 14th during our Hospitality time, following the service.  We are blessed with a long line of souls who have been the founding members of our church and current members who love and support this ministry in the "Fillmore Tradition of Practical Christianity."  We honor these great souls and stand on their shoulders in continuing to teach the "Unity Way."  We are blessed with the wisdom and expertise of our Certified Financial Planner guiding us with our financial investments, so that we can confidently move forward, "in grace and with ease."
Another spectacular Announcement: Dear members of our congregation: Rick and Patti Halliday just celebrated their 41st Wedding Anniversary on Monday, November 8th!  I spoke with Patti today and she laughed and said: "Well, we haven't killed each other, yet!"  After 41 years together, I would respond that you must surely know by now that you would be willing to go for another 41 years!"  When you see them on Sunday, please congratulate them on their successful marriage.
Our Lesson Theme for November is on the many ways we can experience the Divine Idea of Gratitude.  The Lesson title this Sunday is: "This, or Something Better!"  We will have a good time exploring this Divine Idea, together!
If you would like to attend our current study class, tomorrow, we meet at 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  We are reading and discussing the book: Finding Yourself in Transition by Rev. Robert Brummet.  At the author's suggestion, we will skip the chapters about leaving Egypt and wandering in the desert; but, pick up with the chapter about The Void.  It really is a very inciteful chapter about our emotional reactions to our "in between an ending and just before a new beginning."  Facilitator: Rev. Jeri Linn.  Love Offering. 
May You Walk in the Light of Divine Knowing,
Rev. Jeri Linn