Love Wins!

Congratulations! We are now in the important month of LOVE, February 2021!  All of the Sunday Lessons will del with the various ways we can receive divine love in our lives and how we can be a Shining Light as we express divine love to others in our life; also, how we can apply the healing energy of divine life to matters of our health and overall enjoyment of our days.  Also, Wednesday, February 17, 2021 is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of LENT, our spiritual preparation for Easter.
This Sunday, 2 7 2021 is our Birthday Sunday for those who celebrate February Birth dates!  We will honor Susan Zollinger (born on 2 15), Nancy Buhl (born on 2 19), Janet Bailey (born on 2 20).  I also have a Niece and Nephew with February Birthdays: Niece on 2 03; Nephew on 2 12.  Yeah, let's honor all February birth dates!
In his letters, the Apostle Paul used the word agape (LOVE) 75 times!  The Disciple John represents the quality of love (one of our 12 Powers).  John and James were brothers.  James represents the quality of wisdom, good judgment and discernment.  Jesus loved these two bothers and referred to them as: "...Sons of Thunder!" Yes, there is a mighty energy between Love (located in a ganglionic nerve center behind the heart and Wisdom, located in the solar plexus (located in the pit of your stomach).  Love and Wisdom can "really shake things up in your life!"  But, our goal is for these two qualities to work together in harmony for our Highest Good!
Our first Lesson in our February study series is: "LOVE WINS!"  We are created in Love and Love is our Purpose.  It is one of the most beautiful of the attributes of Divine Mind (God).  Remember that Jesus asked Peter (Faith), James (Wisdom) and John (Love) to be at His side in many of the healing miracles recorded in the New Testament.  I laugh at my young Great Nieces who love the characters in the Marvel Comics.  They so want to be just like their Heroes and Heroines!  Let us regard our Spiritual Avenger Team of Faith, Wisdom and Love serving us well, all under the guidance and dominion of the Indwelling Christ!
Thank you and blessings to Marshall Hall, our Sound Board Technician; our Hospitality Team of Janet Bailey, Rick & Patti Halliday (often Marshall helps with the cleanup in the kitchen, as well).  We are blessed with devoted volunteers.  Even though our numbers are small on Sundays, we are mighty in our prayers, joy and faith!
Our talented, beautiful Guest Music Director this Sunday is Ann Louise Christensen Escarrega!  Like many of our musicians, she is also a piano teacher and has had to rely on her creative skills to find additional ways to use her considerable talents.  The Covid-19 Pandemic has really been difficult for all of us; but, I think, especially so for all those who earn their living in the performing arts and hospitality services.  We feel so grateful to be able to provide a check to each one of our Music Team every month.  Thank you, God, for Unity Church of the Valley's Prosperity Consciousness!
You are an Expression of Divine Love,
Rev. Jeri Linn