Let's Not Panic

Ok, I have done it and you may have done it once in a while, too ... but, LET's NOT PANIC!  I, know .. "Easier Said Than Done!"  I was looking through our current study booklet from Silent Unity: "Rise Above Fear and Worry: 30 Days to Fearless Living" and the words that I needed were in all caps: DON'T PANIC.  They appear in an article for Day 22 called "How to Handle Change," by Rev. Robert Barth.  I know you will feel better after reading it.  We have a few copies of this wonderful publication by Silent Unity and they are a gift to you from Unity Church of the Valley when you attend a Sunday Service in May.  We meet at 11:30 a.m. 

Our very talented Guest Music Director this Sunday is Marc Bosserman.  Marc performs all over L.A. and I know he travels to Pasadena, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Orange County, Valencia and just about anywhere that he can find work.  We have a wonderful music team at Unity Church of the Valley and thankfully, we have the abundance to bless each member of our music team with the opportunity to perform and be financially blessed, as well.  Please keep Marc, Ann-Louise Christensen-Escarrega, Cindy White and Susan Edwards Martin in your prayers for expected and unexpected blessings (financially, creatively, right contacts and health).  You may not know it; but, Ann-Louise had hip replacement surgery on May 1st and she performed for our Mother's Day service on May 10th!  What a trooper!

PRAYER REQUESTS:  Our Prayer Ministry Director, Nancy Buhl, lovingly asks all of us to continue to hold her sister, Petey (pronounced: Pete-ee) in prayers for a successful recovery from heart surgery -- a pacemaker implant procedure and healing from Diabetes.  Good News: Marshall Hall reports that he was contacted by Foothill Retirement Care Home where his dear wife, Marlene is a resident and ... everyone (residents and staff) have all been tested for COVD-19 and all persons are "negative" ... no signs of virus.  I guess this is a time when we all can be glad that there was a negative result!  Now, we are praying that very soon the restrictions on the Foothill Retirement Care Home will be lifted, allowing spouses, family members and clergy to visit!

At our Sunday services we are following all the Safe Distancing guidelines: Hand Sanitizer at the front door; wearing masks; not holding hands or hugging ... sitting far apart.  We have less that ten (10) people in attendance, with refreshments in Chaffee Hall after the service.  We sing, pray, laugh, meditate and share inspirational Unity lessons on Practical Christianity.  Personally, I pray for guidance, for courage and to be a channel of love, grace and wisdom.

 I often wonder what Charles and Myrtle Fillmore would do in a situation of the COVD-19 Virus and my heart responds: Live the Truth! Know that God is Life! Know that Life's Purpose is to continue to thrive, in spite of all appearances. We are all one with the One Power and Presence and there is no place where God is not manifesting fully!

Loving You,

Rev. Jeri Linn