Joy - Reasons Why I Love Christmas - 4th Advent Sunday

Here are just a few of the Reasons Why I Love Christmas:  Spending precious time in person or on the phone (or email messages) with people I love dearly; receiving support in unexpected ways; receiving answered prayer to finding things that seemed lost and listening for inner guidance in finding that which is hidden or missing (this happened to me just last night); feeling the love in your mind and heart of those who have made their earthly transition and you know that they are with you, always; and unexpected opportunities to travel to share time with loved ones.  You can make your own Reasons Why I Love Christmas List.  What comes to your mind probably won't be material gifts; but, rather healing blessings, kindness that is shown to you, prompting you to be kind and patient with everyone whom you meet.  When you put your reasons down on paper, you realize that the Treasures that are in heaven are what mean the most to you and to all people.
This coming Sunday is the 4th Day of our Advent study, with the theme: JOY.  It is also our Unity Church of the Valley Christmas Service and Holiday Party ... and you are invited!!  Our Beloved Ann Louise Christensen will be our Guest Music Director for the service.  I requested that she wear the cute red Santa hat that she wears when she and Geno perform on Saturdays in the Montrose Shopping Park (Honolulu Blvd) ... she said: "Will Do!"  She is both talented and a good sport!
Another Good Sport is Marshall Hall who operates our Sound Board on Sundays; more Good Sports are Janet Bailey, Rick & Patti Halliday who prepare the coffee and set the Hospitality table with salads, entrees and desserts each week!
Another personal blessing that I just received, for the very first time, I will be able to spend a few days over the Christmas Holiday with my Nephew, his fiance and their family.  They just built a new home in Tolleson, AZ and they are so excited that I will be able to share time with them.  They are a blended family of "Yours, Mine and Ours!"  Dear Susan Zollinger will join the Sunday Lesson on Sunday, 12 26 2021 as our Guest Speaker.  Matt Lamy will be the Guest Musician for the service.  Susan and Matt are both very talented and more than capable of presenting a high vibration in the service.  Please support them and reflect back their love and professionalism.
May the Light of the North Star guide you with Divine Intuition so that you recognize magnificent miracles in your life.  The Shepard's in the fields represent the protecting spirit of the Divine that is with you, always.  The mysterious Magi represent the Divine Gifts within you that manifest as spiritual powers; divine substance that appears as overflowing prosperity and joy.  
Loving Blessings, Dear Ones!
Rev. Jeri Linn