Imagination - Divine Design

This morning we enjoyed discussing the chapter on "Imagination: Divine Design"  in the book: Adventures in Resilience Ignite the 12 Powers in You to Create a Radiant Life, by Rev. Sharon Connors, in our Thursday study class.  We still have several more chapters to read and discuss before we are finished with this wonderful book on the 12 Powers.  Class starts at 11:00 a.m.  We meet in the Child's Room in Chaffee Hall.  Each class is on a love offering basis.  We have sold out of all our copies of the book; but, if you call the Unity Church Office (818-249-4396) and leave a voice mail message requesting a copy, I will order it from Wholesale Accounts at Unity Village.  Price of the book is $15.95, please make your check payable to: Unity Church of the Valley.
This Sunday, June 11, 2021, we are starting a new series on The Power of Prayer, based on the new booklet published by Silent Unity.  Everyone attending the Sunday service will receive a free copy of the booklet.  Our Lesson this Sunday is on: "Willing to Forgive."  The first step in self-forgiveness and forgiving others (including circumstances such as business situations, finances, community and world situations) begins with our Willingness to extend love and understanding.  We learn from the relationship or situation when we are willing to learn life lessons and we are willing to let go of the mistaken judgment and pain involved.
Think of "Forgiveness" as a Transaction.  i.e. "I Am Willing to Let Go of the Error that was made or the sorrow involved and Give Compassion/Love and Understanding in the place of the harm."
One of my favorite metaphysical authors and teachers is Emmett Fox.  He has a great example of Forgiveness: "Imagine sitting in your chair in front of your fireplace where logs are burning.  You are wearing your favorite suit coat.  One of the embers from the fire, jumps out and lands on the sleeve of your suit coat.  You have a choice: You can let the ember continue to burn, damaging the sleeve of your suit coat, or you can just as easily, flick off the ember and prevent serious damage to your suit coat and even to yourself."
When Jesus was asked by His Disciples "How many times should we forgive another for a grievance, Master? Seven times?"  Jesus' answer was simply, "Not seven times; but seventy times seven times."  Metaphysical interpretation leads us to understand that Jesus meant the act of forgiveness is to be continuous. Think of it this way:  Every time I choose to give higher understanding, which is really love in action for a slight or deep hurt, my Willingness to Forgive is the Healing Stream of the Divine Life Force within me.  I am released from the hurt and I release the person who initiated the hurt, also.  
Supporting our Lesson this Sunday is Susan Edwards Martin, as our Guest Music Director.  Susan is very talented; but, also I believe she is an example of sharing deep love and compassion for humans and for the many animals that grace her home and patio!  We are blessed to have her as a member of our Music Team.
Hopefully, Marshall Hall, our Unity Sound Board Technician will also join us this Sunday.  Marshall volunteers his time and talent with the Sound every week and we truly appreciate him.
In our Hospitality time in Chaffee Hall after the service, we have Patti and Rick Halliday and Janet Bailey making the coffee and setting out the refreshments for our enjoyment.  We always welcome guests to our Hospitality Table!
Stay cool, the weather reports call for hot summer temperatures!
Loving Blessings,
Rev. Jeri Linn
Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay