On Imagination -The Creative Process

From Jan 20, 2019
Greetings Dear Unity Friends & Family:
Blessings of peace, safety and divine order to our Southern California friends and colleagues in the Malibu area that are experiencing heavy rain and mudslides on their property.  The local news keeps us updated, but, I use the news reports as my personal prayer list.  Hope you can adopt a habit of watching the news as a way to surround others in the Light of God and affirming that all is working out in their favor.
This Sunday, Rev. Jeri Linn continues with the "Creative Process," based on the 7 Days of Creation. So far, we have learned that the word Day in the Old Testament Book of Genesis, is not to be taken literally; but, to be understood as a "cycle of personal awareness and growth." 
In his book, The Mysteries of Genesis, Charles Fillmore (co-founder of Unity) states that: "Understanding the Book of Genesis is the key to understanding the Bible." I would add that when we understand that the Bible is our book of personal instruction for living an awakened, healthy and fulfilling life, we have the Keys to all that we could possibly want in this present earth plane experience.
This Sunday, our Lesson is on "Imagination - Day 3 of the Creative Process."  We add the spiritual gift of Imagination to the gifts of faith and light.
Ann-Louise Christensen returns as our Guest Music Director.  We love Ann-Louise's talent and loving presence whenever she plays at Unity Church of the Valley.  As members of a loving, spiritual family at Unity, it is part of our responsibility to support each other in prayer.  Our affirmative prayer with Ann-Louise is claim that new, amazing doors open for her to have her original music published!
Important and valuable volunteers each week for our service are: Marshall Hall, sound board; Patti and Rick Halliday, Janet Bailey and Julie McLain with the Hospitality in the Chaffee Hall Kitchen.  We are grateful for their dedication and support with the refreshments!
Please feel free to join in the fun and fellowship after each Sunday service.  There is always room at our table!
Loving Blessings,
Rev. Jeri Linn
image by qimono on pixabay