How to Pray for Others

For those of you who live in Southern California, you are aware that we are under a Heat Advisory.  Tomorrow it is predicted to reach 103.  It is definitely summer!!  To me, the words "Heat Advisory," translate to "It is time for Self Care!"  Use the two faculties of Divine Order and Divine Understanding with Self Care: drink plenty of water, don't exert yourself during the late afternoon when the temperatures are high, stay indoors whenever possible and relax.  I am an advocate for afternoon naps!
It is always a blessing to know that our 24 Hour, Silent Unity Prayer Ministry is praying with Unity Church of the Valley and with many individuals on our Contact List.  In our Thursday morning class today, we visualized new visitors to our church and added in our prayer treatment that the visitors would want to return to our Sunday service and to our classes.  Our core Unity group is dedicated to the purpose of continuing to be a vital and active Unity ministry in the Montrose, La Crescenta, La Canada-Flintridge communities.  We even have members from Tujunga, Sunland, Sun Valley and an occasional visitor from Glendale, CA supporting us.
God bless our out of town and out of state tithers who support the Unity message through our ministry, as well.  
We are grateful for the many people who support Unity Church of the Valley with prayers .... and with our Sunday Lesson this week, we will focus on the topic of "How to Pray for Others."  From the August 4, 2021 Daily Word Message, the affirmation is: "I hold a vision of good as I pray for others"  That is the simple, effective prayer treatment.  As you make a list of family, friends, co-workers, the many people you know of like mind (young, middle aged or mature), hold an image in your mind of that person (or group) smiling, standing tall and strong; feeling vitally whole and well in every way.  See these loved ones as creative, free of stress.  See them as being able to flow through life with good humor, patience and grace.
When praying with others, acknowledge that within each one, dwells the Christ Self, the Overcomer.  See that each one and each circumstance that you hold in prayer, is, in fact greater than they know.  The simple act of praying with others accelerates our group awareness of the Christ within all people and all conditions.
It continues to be a great blessing in my Life's Purpose as a Unity Minister, to be a channel of giving and receiving prayers for my Highest Good.  I behold each one of you in the Healing Christ Light and to Affirm our Universal Oneness.
Susan Edwards Martin is our Guest Music Director this Sunday; Marshall Hall is our Sound Board Technician; Janet Bailey; Rick & Patti Halliday are the Hospitality Angels for our Hospitality in Chaffee Hall, after our Sunday Service.
With your prayer support, presence and consciousness of All Good, you are a member of our Unity Church of the Valley.
In Gratitude,
Rev. Jeri Linn
Image by AndPan614 from Pixabay