Ash Weds -- Let's Eliminate Negative Thinking

Because today is Ash Wednesday, "This Week at Unity Church of the Valley" is being sent to you a day earlier than the normal schedule.  Today has been a beautiful, Spring-like day ... just "Glorious!"  Ash Wednesday is the day that begins the Lenten season: our 40 days of spiritual preparation for our Easter Sunday Celebration.  Easter is on April 12th this year.  Also, on March 8th we have the "Spring Forward" one hour time change, so mark your calendars!
Lent is a traditional practice of "Fasting and Feasting," by Christians around the world.  In our Unity practice of Practical Christianity, we use Lent as a time of "Fasting" from negative, fearful thinking and "Feasting" upon the spiritual food of affirmations, meditations and spiritual living.  By spiritual living, we mean "Put your spiritual principles into your daily living through your words, actions and relationships.  
Through my years as a Unity Minister, I like using the acronym: L.E.N.T. as "Let's Eliminate Negative Thinking!"   So, if you want to use Lent as a time of releasing and forgiving the past, that is a very healthy practice.  If you use Lent as a time to give up certain dietary changes ... that is also very healthy.  But, the real healthy practice is to "clean house," so to speak of low self-esteem, anger, excessive criticism or judgement of yourself or others... just shake it off and let go.  The sweet, pure Life Force which is God expressing in and through you ... as you, seeks to be known by you and accepted as your own true Self.
Our Lesson this Sunday is: "Open & Receptive!"  Ms. Cindy White is our wonderful Guest Music Director.  This Sunday is also Birthday Sunday for our March Birthdays! I have in desk notes that Wally Hackett has a birthday on March 23rd!  In my family, my lovely great-niece, Melodie turns 16 on March 2nd and my sister, Teresa has a birthday on March 12th! (She isn't saying exactly how old she is, though)!!  Ha! Ha! Ha!  We will celebrate with delicious salads, dessert, etc. during our Hospitality in Chaffee Hall.  Thank you to Rick & Patti Halliday and Janet Bailey for presenting a loving Hospitality table each week.  Thank you to Marshall Hall for donating his time on the sound board, as well!
We have our Spiritual Support class tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m., meeting in the Child's Classroom at the east end of Chaffee Hall (love offering).
See you in class or in our Sunday Service at 11:30 a.m.
Best of Blessings!
Rev. Jeri Linn