12 Powers - Life Itself

Happy 4th of July Weekend!  As I write this message to you, I have been using today's Daily Word affirmation: "The Presence and Power of God surround me and I feel protected."  As you get in your car, traveling by air or with someone else, it is good to get into the habit of saying a brief prayer of protection.
We are finishing up with our Sunday series of Lessons on the Twelve Powers of Man this Sunday.  The last Disciple Faculty is: Life, based at the generative center of the body, represented by the Disciple Judas.  The color is Red for this faculty.  It is also a good color to wear for the 4th of July Holiday.  
In his very helpful book, A Twelve Power Meditation Guide, one of my mentors, Rev. Charles Roth, reminds us that the disciples did not choose Jesus; but, rather it was Jesus who carefully and individually chose each disciple.  Jesus had a special purpose in choosing these particular men.  Unity believes that Jesus' careful selection has to do with the fact that each disciple metaphysically symbolizes one of the twelve powers of mind through which the Christ in us expresses. Judas represents the faculty of Life, seated at the Generative center of the body and its color is Red.  
In Sunday's Lesson, we will discuss further the important functions of the Life faculty and how important it is, to meditate and praise the Life faculty to function under the direction of the Christ mind.
Supporting our Sunday service, we are blessed (again) with music from Marc Bosserman!  Last week, Marc played for us, wrapping up the June Lessons; on 4th of July, Marc was the brave soul to offer to play as our Guest Musician for the first Sunday in July!  Of course, we will have patriotic songs, as well as inspired music from Marc.
Blessings to our Sound Board Technician, Marshall Hall!  He attended the service last week and hopefully, will be with us, again this coming Sunday.  Patti Halliday, Rick Halliday and Janet Bailey are the Hospitality Angels for our Birthday Sunday.  They are a great team and we love them, all.
We hold Affirmative Prayer thoughts for our country and all nations of the world for peace, freedom, health, happiness and prosperity.
Loving Blessings of All Good for Each One of You,
Rev. Jeri Linn