12 Powers - Letting Go

Our last Sunday in June promises to be a "warm one!"  We are officially in the Summer Season.  The weather report I heard this morning stated that next week we could "probably experience Monsoon weather: Thunderstorms with lightening and some rain."  Don't put away that raincoat just yet!
Marc Bosserman is our Guest Music Director this Sunday.  He is a talented musician and producer.  We love Marc and really enjoy his energy and his music.  Our LESSON is on one of the 12 Powers.  In Charles Fillmore's book on The 12 Powers of Man, he calls this particular power: Renunciation.  Think of the purpose of this Disciple faculty as Releasing, Letting Go, denying old memories of "What I did or could have done better, etc."  I also think that one of the blessings of Releasing and Letting Go is expressing Forgiveness for ourselves and Forgiveness of others.  "I Now Release, I Now Let Go, there is Nothing to Fear." (Unity Wings of Song Hymn)
This faculty is represented by the Disciple Thaddaeus.  The body location is at the base of the spine, the color is Russet (think of fall leaves, many are the color of russet).  We use gentle Denials to relax, release and let go.  Here is a sample Denial for you to practice:
"I am free from tension, stress & strain.  Outer appearances in my world do not have the power 
to upset or disturb me.  
I am free with the freedom of Spirit. 
 I now relax and let go.  I let go and let God, the Source of all Good to express in me and through me. 
 I am at peace."
It is possible that Marshall Hall, our devoted sound board engineer, will join us this coming Sunday.  Marshall's beloved wife, Marlene, recently made her transition on June 11, 2021.  If you would like to send a card or note of support and comfort, please send it to Unity Church of the Valley 4845 Dunsmore Ave; La Crescenta, CA  91214 and I will see that it is hand delivered to Marshall.  As you can understand, Marshall is busy with the "paper work" that is required by the State of California.  He will let me know when it is time to schedule a Celebration of Life service to honor Marlene.
Loving gratitude also to our Kitchen Angels who make the coffee and set out the salads, fruit and other "goodies" for us to enjoy during our Hospitality after the Sunday service.
Each One of You is a Tremendous Blessing to Unity Church of the Valley!
Rev. Jeri Linn
Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay